Blogger for Word

I don’t personally use Blogger/Blogspot (this blog is running WordPress) but do I like it. Blogger is Google’s free blogging service, which I’ve suggested it to several people. Those several people — Meggan, Megan, Stew, Josh, Kristen, Taryn, Brooke, Jamie, Annie, Katie, Sean — ought to know that Blogger just released a “plug-in” for Microsoft Word. After you download the Blogger for Word plugin, you can simply write in Microsoft Word and save it directly to your blog. It’s PC-only so I haven’t tried it, but that ought to make things easier for you if you like doing it that way.

2 thoughts on “Blogger for Word

  1. Adam
    Rich, thanks for the heads up. Does this plugin allow us to bold, underline, and whatever our text in Word and then keep the same format once we transfer it to the blog without adding HTMLs? Also, I could use your amazing blogging abilities to show me how to set up links and pictures in my blog. I feel rather handicapped in this area. Thanks

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