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One of my latest projects has been to build Ask Gramps is sort of a “Dear Abby” column for Mormon topics. Author Clay Gorton has been a Mormon bishop, stake president, mission president, and MTC president, and has been answering questions as “Gramps” for many years. His new website will include content from his books as well as answers to new questions that come in. Many questions are interesting and obscure, and Gramps does a great job of answering them all in a fun and candid way — just like your own grandpa.

6 thoughts on “Ask Gramps about Mormonism

  1. marion burr

    I read in the Feb 6, 2006 News Week about the ability to test one’s dna to determine one’s ancestry and to trace one’s roots. They said it has been discovered that Adam and Eve originated in Africa. There is a five-year 40 million dollor project to have as many people who will pay $99.00 to have a self-test kit to swab the inside of one’s mouth to join in this project. Since we as Mormon’s have latter-day revelation telling us that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, I’m wondering about the accuracy of all of this testing. Could the flood at the time of Noah have had a baring on this? I’m interested in your comment as I am taking a college course about etnic groups and need to make a comment about this dna testing. Thanking you in advance for your time.

  2. decm

    In Doctrine and Covenants 58 the church purchased land for a temple in Missiouri (for the gathering of the people). Is that land Adam-ondi-Ahman? Does the church still own that land or does it belong to the Reorganized church?

    Many thanks

  3. Richard Post author

    @decm: This is a question you might direct to He should be able to help with this.

  4. George

    Do Mormons believe that God created the land animals on the 5th or on the 6th day? I heard that in the Temple, it is taught that God created the land animals on the 5th day, not on the 6th day as the Bible, BOM, and POGP teaches.

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