The Saints of Sin City: Mormon rocker in the Killers

The Guardian has a good article on the rock band The Killers. They hail from my hometown of Las Vegas and lead singer Brandon Flowers is a Mormon. They’ve enjoyed successes like opening for U2 and a run at #1 with their latest album Sam’s Town. Brandon’s concept of God sounds like the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith’s:

“Mormonism is a Christian religion, but the biggest thing is we believe we know where we’re going when we die. It’s not just about heaven and hell. The Bible says we’re all made in God’s image but we believe that literally – that God is a man. Other religions have always shied away from embracing that particular concept, but we don’t: we really think God’s a dude.” Flowers laughs. “I’ve always been a believer. It’s always been a big part of my life even when I was young. There’s always been that push-and-pull of living in Sin City and believing in God. And now it’s become absolutely incredible, after all that’s happened to us.”

Source: The Saints of Sin City (The Guardian)

Additional reading: Former BYU’s student’s brother is lead singer of the Killers (BYU Daily Universe)

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  1. This is so cool to hear his testimony like this. There are so many young kids out there aspiring to become musicians and they think they must choose between the “rock life” and their religion. This goes to show that if you have a strong enough testimony, it’s definitely possible to aquire both!

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