Mormon political clout grows

My senator, Harry Reid (D-NV), happens to be a Mormon. Rumors of Mormon governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign have brought a new wave of attention to Mormonism, but Senator Reid’s shared religion goes mostly unnoticed. (I wonder why.) When Harry Reid becomes Senate majority leader in 2007, he’ll be the “most powerful Mormon in Washington.”

USA Today reports that 15 members of Congress are Mormon. The Church encourages participation in civics, which explains this more than proportionate participation by members of the Church. As to whether a Mormon can become president of the United States, BYU Professor Quin Monson says, “If a Mormon can be elected as governor of Massachusetts and a Mormon can be Senate majority leader, certainly a Mormon can be president.”

When Tucker Carlson mentioned that some Southern christians don’t consider Mormon christians, Michael Graham responded that “evangelicals [don’t] consider Judaism a form of Christianity either, and yet Joe Lieberman is wildly popular and is probably the most popular Democrat among Southern Republicans. In the modern era, it is not one religion versus another.” (

Speaking of the Church, Senator Reid said: “The church has been a wonderful thing in my life. It helps me try to always do the right thing, understand that what you do has consequences.”

Source: USA Today

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  1. Dingy Harry Reid, is a disgrace to the LDS church. His politics are anti-American. He does not support the President. He denegrates the President everytime he opens his mouth. He should be ex-communicated.
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