Mitt Romney and Sleep

It seems a bit odd to write about two disparate topics here, but someone pointed me to an interview of Mitt Romney on the Charlie Rose show, and I ended up watching the second half of the show about sleep. Both segments were very good.

Mitt Romney talked about issues such as amending the Constitution to protect marriage, abortion, being Mormon, and the war in Iraq.

Two doctors in the sleep segment talked about widespread sleep deprivation in the U.S., the health benefits of getting enough sleep, and some of the biology behind sleep.

Good episode: Gov. Mitt Romney / A Discussion about Sleep on the Charlie Rose show

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney and Sleep”

  1. So are you saying that Sleep and Mitt Romney go together? I found the episode to be interesting as well. I’m really anxious to see how things play out for the 2008 elections. It seems to be such a mess so far.
  2. Interesting take on health care. Though I agree with downsizing the feds, the cost of health care for entrepreneurs is riduclous and should be reformed.

    I’d be interested in hearing his take on the war. I watched an excellent (objective) PBS show on how horrible the war justification was in 2001-2003, mainly on the part of Cheney. 2002/3 is looking to be sad period for American history.

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