Will .mobi get any traction?

Domains with the extension .mobi will be available soon. The so-called “land rush” is underway, during which companies may register .mobi domains for which they hold a trademark, and a queue is forming for the public to snatch up the rest.

Here are my 9 reasons why .mobi is a bad idea:

  1. You can already serve mobile content from any subdomain or folder, like mobi.example.com or example.com/mobi
  2. You can already use content negotiation. If the browser says “Accept: text/vnd.wap.wml”, then return mobile content.
  3. You can already use the “handheld” media type in your CSS.
  4. You can already create light-weight, semantic HTML that can be viewed on multiple devices.
  5. Since “mobi” isn’t a word, it’s not likely to be in the predictive text dictionary on most phones. A good domain for phones would employ a real word. (Actually .com works.)
  6. Without predictive text, typing “mobi” on a phone means pressing 6, then waiting, then 6-2-4. A good domain for phones would not use two adjacent letters on the same key.
  7. Phones with QWERTY keyboards are likely to have full-fledged browsers that can view .com websites anyway.
  8. Dot-mobi domains are expensive.
  9. Browsers like Opera can rerender existing web sites to make them viewable on movable devices.

If you see value in .mobi that I’m not seeing, let me know, but I think it will be a failure. We should as soon introduce a .BestViewedWithInternetExplorerAt800by600 domain so we can keep track of all those web pages from the 90’s.

5 thoughts on “Will .mobi get any traction?”

  1. Well I guess you guys were right. Five years later Mobi doesn’t seem have to gone anywhere and I’ve been caring and paying for a .mobi name from the beginning thinking it would be valuable. I’m releasing it now…..Glad I read this.
  2. I personally feel.. .mobi is just another publicity stunt by the big names in the mobile industry

    It wont click for sure.

  3. Well one of the reasons which makes me think it will be successful is the BIG COMPANIES including Nokia, Ericson, Google, etc investing in .mobi. I also heard that new cell phones will be programmed with .mobi extensions by default. so all you need to type is the website name with the .mobi. Also most of the phones this days use Microsoft Mobile (one of the investors in .mobi), they will make sure opera or other smart browsers wont work properly. I think you are talking from a techies perspective. While all this companies are thinking from a laymans perspective, and .mobi is a very simplified solution for them.
  4. You are so right Richard! I have heard of Entire companies giving other companies customers by accident. A simple mix up with the extension and boom money spent advertising someone else’s company. Peter Kent wrote about that in his “Search Engine Optimization for Dummies” book.

    That’s a SEO perspective for you, anything but a .com is worth less. other extensions are gaining head way I mean people are starting to recognize more and more that other extensions exist besides the .com.

    I would comment on mobile tech but I don’t have any knowledge there, so I’ll leave that up to you.

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