Provo Labs in the news

Today the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the largest newspaper in Las Vegas, published a column on Provo Labs and how Carolynn Duncan landed a job with them through blogging. The column also alludes to the startup- and technology-friendly environment that Utah is becoming: “[Geek dinner] is a monthly gathering of the high-tech community in Provo….”

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can get inexpensive office space and invaluable mentoring through Provo Labs Academy. If you’re looking for development work, Provo Labs Solutions is a one-stop shop.

This story could easily have been about Russ Page; I heard he also landed a job through blogging.

Article: If you write it, it will come about: How a blog landed its author a job

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  1. I find it very interesting how blogging can help people be more successful in their careers and lives. Lots of opportunities out there, and people can find it by web presence and networking.

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