Macworld 2007

This week I’m in San Francisco for Macworld. I’m looking forward to attending Steve Jobs’s keynote tomorrow, even if it means getting in line at 4:00 AM. I’m excited too that my father and brother will be joining me this year.

Today I helped Brian set up his company‘s booth, then we took the BART to the Mission district to eat at El Farolito’s. We’ll be passing out business cards for as much as we can.

I’m also looking forward to a WordPress meeting on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Macworld 2007”

  1. Yeah I think I was engulfed by the Jobs Reality Distortion Field. When the Cingular CEO took the stage and began speaking (boring) I realized how tired and hungry I was, feelings I hadn’t felt when Steve was speaking.
  2. So the engadget page for the MWSF conference said:

    People are rapt, everyone is actually literally leaning forward and on the edge of their seat. We’ve never seen a presentation like this before.

    Were you on the edge of your seat, too?

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