Make more phone calls and meet more often

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed lunch with Blake Snow. Lots of good conversation, time went by fast, and I was reminded of the importance of getting together in person. Blake has an excellent blog on tech and business at His pro blogging experience has brought a slightly “critical” bent (in his words) to his writing, but getting together reminded me that he’s no less a nice guy for it.

That same week I telephoned a business associate in Salt Lake who I usually email. I was impressed how quickly and effectively a phone call builds rapport. Something about hearing each other’s voices (and just shooting the breeze a bit!) builds the relationship in a way that email can’t.

I don’t see email disappearing any time soon, but note to self: make more phone calls and meet more often.

2 thoughts on “Make more phone calls and meet more often”

  1. It is welcoming sometimes to call an old friend and schedule lunch, put the blackberry on vibrate, and enjoying one of the finer things in life, pleasurable conversation with another human being. No cell, email, text message or blog! Just sit across the table and look eyeball to eyeball. This does wonders to keep relationships strong and channels of communication open.

    Once a week and you would be amazed at the residual social and financial rewards.

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