New version of Seth Godin WordPress plugin

Five months ago I created a WordPress plugin to implement a marketing principle taught by Seth Godin. He said good marketers “treat returning visitors differently than newbies”. The plugin has been one of the most popular features on my blog.

Today I upgraded the plugin to version 1.3, adding a feature that allows the welcome message to be displayed permanently if desired.

For more information, read about the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin for WordPress.

16 thoughts on “New version of Seth Godin WordPress plugin”

  1. Adam, I don’t have plans to do anything like that, but I’d consider it. We’d have to figure out how the timings would work — e.g. would it be a separate counter for each message, etc.
  2. It would be exactly the same as it is now, just give the ability to implement , , , etc…

    Just the ability to make more than one message sequence. 🙂

  3. Love this plugin!

    If you could make it so multiple messages could be entered, that would be da bomb. I want to have a few timed messages in different areas on my site.

    Maybe a few people could help scrounge up some money from our sofas to aid you in this cause… 🙂


  4. Not a problem, I’ll take it up on the Thesis forum.

    The Home Page only has a teaser, not the full post. I’ve selected to have WWSGD appear at the end of the post, so I’m not expecting it to be visible at all on the Home Page. I’m expecting the Home Page to remain unchanged.

  5. @Maskil: I hate to to push you away, but since Thesis is a for-pay theme, I don’t have a way of quickly downloading and trying it. I’d maybe check with them to see why their home page changes. (Do you expect the home page to change, besides WWSGD not working?)
  6. WWSGD does something strange when used in conjunction with the Thesis Theme. After installing and configuring it:

    – Doesn’t show on the Home Page (correct)
    – Shows on the Post Page (correct)
    – On returning to the Home Page, the message is shown below the truncated post teaser (incorrect)

    This happens with both IE and FF. It displays even after the browser page is refreshed.

    Where do I start, WWSGD or Thesis?

  7. hi Richard
    I’m having trouble with my WWSGD plugin inasmuch as it’s only showing a blank box when I activate it (no message and no settings options below). I’ve deactivated, deleted, re-downloaded, re-installed and reactivated three times with the same result.
    I’m running Windows XP Pro and v2.0 WP (installed from inside a hosting account).
    Any ideas as to why this is happening?
  8. I have a problem similar to ms.angel’s. I retranslate my blog to LJ and WWSGD note retranslates there with every single post. That is a bit annoying for my LJ-readers, so I wonder if there a way to show the WWSGD message outside of the single post?
  9. Hi!
    This is a great plugin and I’m anxious to start using it!

    Quick question though – I have an “Asides” category which displays short posts in my sidebar. If I use this plugin, it sees those as posts just like the rest of my posts and puts the message above them – which of course comes out all wrong because it’s in the sidebar and the message was never meant to be there so it’s not formatted for the sidebar.

    I’ll have to look into how the “Asides” are looped a little more to figure out why it does this. However, a neat (as in simple for the user) fix for this would be if this plugin could exclude a category of posts to put the message on. Just a thought.

    Thanks again!

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