Markets are like parking lots

Markets are like parking lots.

To get a spot:

  • Get there early, or
  • Park where there’s less competition (but you’ll have to walk more), or
  • Find a proprietary advantage that sets you apart and locks out your competitors

Parking is good when you’ve got two wheels — motorcycle or scooter. Imagine my excitement in finding a shady spot near the door which had been “reserved” by a car that parked over the line, blocking out all my four-wheeled competitors. I left for lunch and came back to a full lot, but my spot was still saved. That’s good business.


3 thoughts on “Markets are like parking lots”

  1. Heh, I like the analogy!

    I like the idea of getting there early approach, but this can often be the hardest. Most resort to parking a further distance and walking. It may be a farther walk, but it builds character along the way.

  2. That third took me a little thinking, but after awhile I got it. I can’t imagine how competitive the “parking lot” will be when I’m older and I’ll have to enter business for whatever I do.

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