First Pick, Second Pick

Today is Super Tuesday, the day on which residents of Utah and 23 other states will go to the polls. Before you cast your vote today, please complete the following exercise:

1. Please rank the candidates in order of your preference. Who is your 1st pick? Who is your 2nd pick? Who is 3rd? etc..

2. Does your 1st pick stand a chance of winning the primary election? The general election?

3. If you answered “no” to question #2, would your vote be better used on someone else?

If your vote for an unelectable 1st choice means fewer votes for your 2nd choice, and a victory for your 3rd choice, please reconsider how you use your vote.

EXCEPTION: If you’re casting your vote to make a political statement, not with the intent of actually electing the best candidate of the viable options, please disregard the above exercise.

Mitt Romney is my 1st choice for President of the United States, both of the running candidates and of the candidates that can actually win.

2 thoughts on “First Pick, Second Pick”

  1. Unfortunately, my first pick, Bill Richardson, withdrew from the race before we ever got to vote for him. If he hadn’t, my answer for #2 would have been “maybe” and for #3, a definite “No”.

    There’s little point, though, in voting for a candidate who’s not a candidate anymore, so my vote necessarily goes to my second choice, Barack Obama.

  2. Its such a hard choice to decide sometimes. I agree with you that Mitt might be the best choice but i’m not sure if he has the strongest chance of winning, sadly.

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