Governor Huntsman

Today Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., spoke at BYU as part of “eBusiness Day”. (I saw Phil Windley a couple rows ahead of me.) I liked Governor Huntman’s speech. He touched on several important topics to me, and his speech didn’t drag on like one might expect. On the contrary, he was smart, concise, and …

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Last week I wrote about bookmarklets, but I didn’t include the bookmarklet that I use the most: my “Delicious” bookmarklet., with quite a creative domain name, is a “social bookmarks manager”. Here’s what you do: Go to and register for a free account. After logging in, you will see a link on their … Read More »


Hi folks, I’m back, and today’s topic is “bookmarklets”. That’s “bookmarklets” as in the diminuitive form of “bookmarks,” the web sites you save in your Internet browser. (They’re called bookmarks in Safari/Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape or “Favorites” in Internet Explorer.) Bookmarklets require Javascript to be on (it probably already is) and they give special functionality to your browser. …

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After introducing half a dozen friends to blogs and being a strong advocate for them, I decided it was time to walk the walk myself. So here is my blog. This actually wasn’t a spur of the moment or last minute decision. Starting a blog has been on the back-burner of my to-do list for …

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