Be a Mormon missionary, find your best friends

One of the side effects of being a Mormon missionary is that you meet lots of great people. (Probably because you simply meet lots of people, period.) Some of my best friends today are those I met while serving a mission in Brazil. That includes my mission companions, other missionaries who weren’t my companions, and […]

Mormon marriage

The idea of “eternal” or “celestial” marriage is among the most unique (and appealing) doctrines of Mormonism. Unlike other marriage ceremonies that end in the words “until death do you part”, marriage ceremonies performed in Mormon temples include the promise that couples that are faithful to each other and to God may continue as husband […]

Thomas Monson

In the Mormon Church, Thomas Monson is the president of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. This means that when the current president of the Church Gordon B. Hinckley passes away, Thomas S. Monson will (most likely) become the new prophet and president of the Church. This weekend was the semi-annual General Conference, which we watched […]

Mormon Church on Big Love

A new TV show from HBO called Big Love tells the story of a polygamist family in Salt Lake City, an upsetting concept to the Mormon Church because of its potential among other things to confuse viewers. Some members of the Mormon church practiced polygamy after its founding, but its practice was discontinued in 1890. […]