5 ingredients for a do-it-yourself podcast

At work I’m the “producer” of a podcast, and here are the tools we use:

1. Apple Garageband — Found on every Mac, this free app makes it easy to record and combine tracks, add effects and art, and create podcasts.

2. Logitech USB Headset — This isn’t a professional mike, but it works fine for us and it’s comfortable to wear and use.

3. WordPress — The best open source blogging platform. You’ll need web hosting and your own domain to install this.

4. PodPress — A powerful WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a podcasting platform. This plugin takes care of all the nitty gritty (podcast enclosures), offers an embedded Flash player for easy listening, and provides stats.

5. Mime Config — If you plan to publish “enhanced” podcasts for iTunes, chances are your server isn’t configured to recognize the “m4a” format. Install this WordPress plugin and add the mime type “m4a = audio/mpeg”.

What other tools are you using for creating podcasts?

3 thoughts on “5 ingredients for a do-it-yourself podcast

  1. Trent
    I use the open source Audacity to edit my files since I don’t run on a Mac. Audacity isn’t as polished as Garage band but in my opinion is just as powerful, and is simple to use (and free). So, if you don’t have a mac pick up audacity. Other than that I use the same tools as well as a custom php class for certain things.
  2. Richard K Miller Post author
    Trent, good point about Audacity. I actually should have mentioned Audacity because one of our podcast personalities uses it. He’s on a PC so he records his half of the podcast with Audacity and then sends it to the Mac user for mixing and publication.
  3. Jake Spurlock
    Final Cut Pro, Sorenson Squeeze, WordPress, CS3, Good Stat trackers… The longer I have been podcasting, them more tools that I use. It has been interesting shooting in HD, and then down rezzing for an iPod… 😉

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