Richard K. Miller

I’m a software developer building a genealogy app called Goldie May, which provides research assistance, an automatic research log, and other power tools for family history research.

I was the chief technology officer at, a venture-backed family history company in Boulder, CO, which was acquired by Findmypast. I previously worked at, where we developed a top-5 Facebook application (“We’re Related”), and at More Good Foundation.

I’ve been quoted or mentioned on,,,, Seth Godin’s blog, and Smashing Magazine. I blog occasionally here.

I grew up in Las Vegas. I began computer programming at age 12 when my grandfather gave us his IBM PC and I read the DOS and BASIC manuals cover to cover. Later my parents sent away for the Power C compiler, and I began programming in C. I frequently walked to Radio Shack to buy transistors, diodes, and other odds-and-ends to build and play with. In high school, I had a brief stint at not being a full-time nerd. I was a missionary in Brazil for two years. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Business Management.

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