More Important to Teach Principles than Facts

This week I read The Leader in Me, Stephen Covey’s new book about teaching the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to elementary school students. Schools in North Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Guatemala, Singapore, and elsewhere have successfully incorporated 7 Habits into their curriculum. As an outsider to education, what most interested me were the chapter […]

Teaching the unteachable skills

If you tend to perform tasks you’ve never performed before, what does this mean for education? Does your school teach you to solve problems, prioritize tasks, and prepare you for non-assembly-line jobs? “Training a student to be sheepish is a lot easier than the alternative. Teaching to the test, ensuring compliant behavior and using fear […]

Jon Udell on technology in education

I recently listened to Jon Udell’s interview with CJ Rayhill, CIO of O’Reilly. They talked about O’Reilly’s Safari U project which allows college professors to compile chapters from various books into a custom book for their own classes, available in print and online. I’ve written before about what I wanted in a college textbook. I […]