Outsiders can’t disturb our peace

My brother Michael drove up from Las Vegas and stayed with me for the weekend of General Conference (the Mormon church’s bi-annual worldwide conference) earlier this month. We watched four of the General Conference sessions on TV and attended the Priesthood session in person. We didn’t have any tickets so we were fortunate to be […]

Mormon church statistics on Nevada

The Church recently released a new beta version of its Newsroom site. It includes lots of statistics and information about several countries and each state in the U.S. Here is some info on Nevada: In 1852, three years after the discovery of gold in California, seven members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day […]

Mormon political clout grows

My senator, Harry Reid (D-NV), happens to be a Mormon. Rumors of Mormon governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign have brought a new wave of attention to Mormonism, but Senator Reid’s shared religion goes mostly unnoticed. (I wonder why.) When Harry Reid becomes Senate majority leader in 2007, he’ll be the “most powerful Mormon in Washington.” […]