LDS News Watch

As reported on the More Good Foundation blog, I’ve recently partnered with Chris Knudsen and Connor Boyack to launch a site called LDS News Watch, a place to find interesting news articles about the Mormon church. It will also encourage accurate reporting: LDS News Watch will also call out newspaper editors and writers who report …

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An outsiders view of Las Vegas

Jeff Lindsay is visiting Las Vegas this week and has two complimentary blog posts about the Church in Sin City. As a Mormon growing up in Las Vegas myself, I found these to be pretty accurate: My Small World Experience in Las Vegas Best Show in Las Vegas and My New Favorite Celestial Room

Resources for gay Mormons

Here are some links that Mormons struggling with homosexuality may find helpful: Homosexuality (Same Sex Attraction) — a library of information Same Gender Attraction — an interview with Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder Wickman Ask Gramps: What is the Mormon church’s position toward transgendered persons and gay marriages? Ask Gramps: How can …

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A Black Man in Zion

Last weekend I attended the FAIR Conference where, among other good speakers, I heard Marcus Martins speak about being a “black man in Zion”. Marcus joined the Mormon church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1972, a time when the Church did not allow blacks to hold the priesthood. In 1978 when the priesthood was …

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