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On Patricia Holland’s Passing

We were sad to hear of Sister Holland’s passing on Thursday.

I was really impressed by Sheri Dew’s tribute to Sister Holland, including this:

Few women have influenced me for as long or with as much impact as did Sister Patricia Terry Holland.

Her influence began decades ago. During the 1980s, when she served both as a counselor in the Young Women general presidency and as first lady of BYU, she spoke frequently. Often this was in BYU’s Marriott Center in what became known, affectionately, as the “Jeff and Pat Show,” when she and her husband, BYU President Jeffrey R. Holland, shared the pulpit at BYU devotionals. I quickly learned to pay attention to anything and everything she had to say. She seemed so young but was so wise. Pat Holland had a way of looking at life, as well as teaching the gospel, that spoke to me. I found myself hanging on her every word.

I’ve heard several talks from Sister Holland, but I’m sure not all of them. This made me want to go back and listen to them.

So, I created a podcast feed of all of Sister Holland’s talks from BYU, from 1980 to 1989, plus one in 2022. The podcast starts today, publishing 1 talk per day for 19 days, each loaded directly from BYU Speeches. There are 9 talks with Elder Holland, and 10 on her own.

To subscribe, paste the following URL into your podcast app:

If you haven’t done this before, do a search online for “Add podcast by URL in [your podcast app, e.g. Apple Podcasts]”. For example, in Apple Podcasts, go to Library then “Follow a Show by URL”. In the Overcast app, click “+” at the top right, then “Add URL”.

Sister Holland has of course spoken many more times, including recorded talks not included in this feed, such as 3 talks at BYU-Idaho, RootsTech 2021, and at a faith- and hope-filled devotional for young adults just 6 months ago. But I’m excited to review her 19 BYU speeches.