Firefox extensions I love

I use both the Safari and Firefox browsers every day. Safari is fast and approaches perfection in following human interface guidelines. Firefox has extensions.

Here are the Firefox extensions that have me hooked:

  • Web Developer — lets you edit CSS, resize windows to match different screen sizes, outline any element, validate your code, look at form variables, and much more. This is a must-have for any web developer/programmer.
  • ColorZilla — find out the color code for any color on the web page using this eye dropper. A must have for any web designer.
  • FireBug — comprehensive error reporting and DOM controls for JavaScript. A must-have for JavaScript programmers.
  • LiveHTTPHeaders — captures HTTP traffic, including SSL traffic. A must-have for screen scrapers.
  • Google Toolbar for Firefox — shows Google Pagerank. A must-have for Internet marketers.
  • Forecastfox — displays the weather in the status bar. A must have for motorcycle and scooter riders.

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A few to add:

CustomizeGoogle: Number Search Results and all sorts of related links, and much more.

FlashBlock: Block annoying Flash Ads. View only the flash that you want to see.

SearchStatus: Even better than the Google toolbar. Show backward links for Yahoo and MSN also, as well as Alexa rankings, keyword density, and much more.

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