Being present

While home in Las Vegas, my father and I discussed the benefits of “being present”. Peace of mind comes from not being worried about the past and not being overly anxious about the future. Enjoy the now.

I’m most present when I’m riding my motorcycle. I’m almost never in a hurry — it’s about the ride, not the destination — so it’s immensely satisfying. Jeremy Zawodny feels a similar “peace, focus, and mental calm” while flying a plane. (In his words, the imminent threat of death is a factor.)

In fact, it’s a measure of faith to know that the past is forgiven and the future will take care of itself.

1 thought on “Being present”

  1. Awesome post and excellent advice, RKM. Takes a lot of faith to believe that the “future will take care of itself” but it’s so true.

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