Alan Miller, Illustrator

I just wanted to point out a newspaper article that ran yesterday about my brother Alan. When he was 15, he illustrated a coloring book for the neighborhood where we live. Then the last time we were home in Las Vegas (a couple of weeks ago) they did a follow-up interview:

Alan Miller illustrated a coloring book about the life of Summerlin Sam, the jackrabbit mascot of the Summerlin community, nearly a decade ago. At the time, Miller was a 15-year-old student at Cimarron-Memorial High School. These days, he attends Brigham Young University. (Source: Illustrator visits Summerlin)

These days Alan keeps some of his art on his portfolio website, Ashman Art. He has also started a website of original Star Wars comics, with other projects on the way.

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Bravo to Alan….between the two of you, there sure is a lot of Miller exposure in the Las Vegas media. I actually have an Alan Miller original hanging up behind my bar. Why he decided to go with that jackrabbit (which, by the way freaked me out in the photo. Who is comfortable with getting that close to a mascot of any sort?) instead of a pirate for the coloring book is beyond me.

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