Paul Allen gives keynote at BYU e-business day

A few notes from Paul Allen’s keynote lecture at the BYU Marriott School’s e-business day:

Brent Barlow’s talk on marriage [mp3] includes a quote by poet Robert Browning that says the “best is yet to be.” That should be our attitude in life; it’s an attitude that helps us be happy. We can’t be happy by thinking the best has already passed. (Paul Allen said Brent Barlow’s talk is also the best talk he’s heard on strengthening one’s marriage.)

Several inventions have come from or been made popular in Utah. Paul Ahlstrom, who started vSpring Capital, talks about technology in Utah in a recent podcast.

Advances in technology mean we can “approach omniscience” — we can learn almost anything we want (e.g. Wikipedia), and we can connect to and communicate with almost anyone in the world (e.g. Skype, Linkedin).

Ten things you can do to learn more and connect more:

  1. Take notes always
  2. Store everything you learn in a personal knowledge base (e.g. Folio, Gobinder)
  3. Start a blog
  4. Google Alerts
  5. Linkedin
  6. Read Love is the Killer App — “the book that changed my life the most in business”
  7. Use time wisely:,
  8. Volunteer with the More Good Foundation
  9. Become an “e-mail missionary” — email people you love more often
  10. Be a spokesman for BYU and the Church (Carrie Jenkins) — how many people have heard you speak about or read something you wrote about BYU or the Church?