Generous sharing of knowledge

I’ve always thought if I could be smart enough and creative enough, I could build some innovative thing and earn a fortune. And then I would generously share that fortune with others. But today as I was reading Paul Allen’s blog, I felt a flash of insight that shifts my mindset:

If the goal is to get rich, then individuals will obviously not share [information] with others. But if the goal is information democracy leading to more economic equality, then people will freely share it. (Paul Allen on What Motivates Me To Be Foolish)

I think it has always been in my nature to share what I know, but I’ve never considered that knowledge sharing IS a form of generosity. No need to wait for a pile of money. And best of all, it’s a “fishing lesson” instead of a “fish”. I’m going to be better about sharing anything I know.

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It’s along the lines of how people talk about give and take. But in reality, wouldn’t we all rather just be givers who have other people around us that are givers as well. Taking exits the equation.

Good thoughts.

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