Richard K Miller

CTO Breakfast

This morning I went to Phil Windley’s CTO Breakfast. Phil Windley is a BYU computer science professor and former CTO for the State of Utah, and every month he holds an “informal gathering of technologists”. Today’s attendees included two other BYU professors, a state representative, and several other programmers and technologists young and old. This …

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I’ve blogged before about wanting to start or be involved in an Anti-Pornography Campaign. I saw a funny commercial on TV the other day and wasn’t surprised at the end to see, when the product was revealed, that it was a beer ad. Beer companies almost always have entertaining commercials. Not surprising — they have …

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Business Plan Competition

Yesterday I went to the annual Business Plan Competition final. It’s a business plan competition hosted by the Marriott School‘s Center for Entrepreneurship that spans several months. From among 66 student entries, three finalists were picked to present their plans yesterday and win $50, $30, or $20,000. They’ve been doing this competition for about 15 …

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Governor Huntsman

Today Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., spoke at BYU as part of “eBusiness Day”. (I saw Phil Windley a couple rows ahead of me.) I liked Governor Huntman’s speech. He touched on several important topics to me, and his speech didn’t drag on like one might expect. On the contrary, he was smart, concise, and …

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Last week I wrote about bookmarklets, but I didn’t include the bookmarklet that I use the most: my “Delicious” bookmarklet., with quite a creative domain name, is a “social bookmarks manager”. Here’s what you do: Go to and register for a free account. After logging in, you will see a link on their … Read More »


Hi folks, I’m back, and today’s topic is “bookmarklets”. That’s “bookmarklets” as in the diminuitive form of “bookmarks,” the web sites you save in your Internet browser. (They’re called bookmarks in Safari/Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape or “Favorites” in Internet Explorer.) Bookmarklets require Javascript to be on (it probably already is) and they give special functionality to your browser. …

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After introducing half a dozen friends to blogs and being a strong advocate for them, I decided it was time to walk the walk myself. So here is my blog. This actually wasn’t a spur of the moment or last minute decision. Starting a blog has been on the back-burner of my to-do list for …

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