What goes around, comes around

I’m not a big believer in karma, but this week I experienced some karma-like effects. Two years ago for work, I developed code to protect wiki websites. Then I published it on my blog. This weekend a software upgrade caused this protection code to stop working on our websites. I couldn’t find an answer. Then […]

Amtrak series: Ruby on Rails on Rails

This will be the most technical of my posts in the Amtrak series, but it’s not just for computer geeks so stay with me. Here we go. Ruby on Rails is a “web application framework”, a way for programmers to make web applications more easily and more quickly (and more enjoyably, as its creators would […]

New version of Seth Godin WordPress plugin

Five months ago I created a WordPress plugin to implement a marketing principle taught by Seth Godin. He said good marketers “treat returning visitors differently than newbies”. The plugin has been one of the most popular features on my blog. Today I upgraded the plugin to version 1.3, adding a feature that allows the welcome […]

John Taber on frameworks

John Taber, traffic engineer and PHP developer, has a great post comparing the various MVC frameworks available for PHP, as well as Ruby on Rails. We really don’t care what the language is or what the plumbing looks like, just so long as we can get the program to do what we want, is super […]

Password protecting MediaWiki with mod_auth_mysql

MediaWiki is the powerful software on which Wikipedia and many other sites are built. It does not, however, come with the option to password protect pages from being viewed. (It can password protect pages from being edited.) If you need to setup a private, members-only wiki for internal use, here is how you can do […]