What goes around, comes around

I’m not a big believer in karma, but this week I experienced some karma-like effects. Two years ago for work, I developed code to protect wiki websites. Then I published it on my blog. This weekend a software upgrade caused this protection code to stop working on our websites. I couldn’t find an answer. Then […]

Password protecting MediaWiki with mod_auth_mysql

MediaWiki is the powerful software on which Wikipedia and many other sites are built. It does not, however, come with the option to password protect pages from being viewed. (It can password protect pages from being edited.) If you need to setup a private, members-only wiki for internal use, here is how you can do […]


“A free, worldwide business directory that anybody can edit”: Wikicompany It uses MediaWiki software (the same kind as Wikipedia) but I like that it also offers an API and semantic tagging. I wonder if they had to build those features themselves, or if they are open source plugins to MediaWiki.