New website on Mitt Romney, the Mormon

Anticipating that Mitt Romney, the Mormon, might be selected as John McCain’s running mate, we created a website about Mitt Romney’s family, his mission to France, his involvement in the Church, some misconceptions about Mormonism, and issues surrounding faith and politics for Mormons: Mitt Romney Mormon Maybe it will come in handy in 2012 or […]

The Other Mormon Underwear

While some are fascinated with the sacred temple garment that endowed1, temple-going Mormons wear, another kind of Mormon underwear goes virtually unnoticed! The Mormon church encourages modest dress and demeanor. Mormon girls and boys are encouraged to follow the guidelines in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet: Servants of God have always counseled his […]

Mormon political clout grows

My senator, Harry Reid (D-NV), happens to be a Mormon. Rumors of Mormon governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign have brought a new wave of attention to Mormonism, but Senator Reid’s shared religion goes mostly unnoticed. (I wonder why.) When Harry Reid becomes Senate majority leader in 2007, he’ll be the “most powerful Mormon in Washington.” […]

The Saints of Sin City: Mormon rocker in the Killers

The Guardian has a good article on the rock band The Killers. They hail from my hometown of Las Vegas and lead singer Brandon Flowers is a Mormon. They’ve enjoyed successes like opening for U2 and a run at #1 with their latest album Sam’s Town. Brandon’s concept of God sounds like the Mormon prophet […]