WordPress plugin: What Would Seth Godin Do

Seth Godin advocates using cookies to distinguish between new and returning visitors to your site:

One opportunity that’s underused is the idea of using cookies to treat returning visitors differently than newbies. It’s more work at first, but it can offer two experiences to two different sorts of people. (Source: In the Middle, Starting)

I built this WordPress plugin to implement Seth Godin’s idea. For WordPress users it reduces the “work at first” to almost nothing. Installation is simple:

  1. Download the WWSGD WordPress plugin and unzip it.
  2. Copy the what-would-seth_godin-do folder to your WordPress plugins folder.
  3. Activate the plugin in the Plugins panel.
  4. Customize settings in the Settings panel.

By default, new visitors to your blog will see a small box above each post containing the words “If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!” After 5 visits the message disappears. You can customize this message, its lifespan, and its location. Your visitor must have cookies enabled.

New visitors will appreciate some context and background information about your site. This is your chance to offer them a special welcome and invite them to become permanent subscribers!

DOWNLOAD the What Would Seth Godin Do WordPress plugin

I can be reached at richard AT richardkmiller DOT com. I appreciate comments and suggestions.

(I have not tested these.)

375 replies on “WordPress plugin: What Would Seth Godin Do”

I installed the plugin and it’s set it self up at the top of the post’s which is great … but I don’t get a (settings) option in the plugins area of my blog?
Is there any precedent of this plugin just not working? I can’t seem to see anything on any browser to suggest it is there at all – am I doing something wrong?

Using mystique theme on standard wordpress site with the plugin set to show on posts and pages. It’s a great idea so I’m hoping I can get it working!


Richard, love this plugin!

Quick question: With the welcome button destination url, can I use any short-codes or call to actions? Looking to have a subscribe box or similar popup.


Silly question – but how can I ensure this plugin is working? I can’t see it on my end because I’ve obviously been to my own site many, many times. When I increase the “# of repetitions” to an ungodly high number, it still doesn’t come up. I’d like to know how it is looking to a new user. Can you help me out?

Thanks so much!

View your website in incognito mode. If you are using google chrome, just hold down the control ke and the shift key whilst you press the letter N. It will open up a new window.
Richard, thank you so much! It is now installed, and when I launch my blog on January 2, I expect people to subscribe. That leads me to 2 more questions:
1. Is subscribing an automatic function or am I supposed to install another plugin?

2. Will I know they have subscribed? How?

1. No more plugins needed, but that’ll be up to your users to subscribe using Google Reader or NetNewsWire or some other app.

2. You can install Google FeedBurner and the FeedBurner WordPress plugin to get stats on your subscribers.

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