Macworld 2007

This week I’m in San Francisco for Macworld. I’m looking forward to attending Steve Jobs’s keynote tomorrow, even if it means getting in line at 4:00 AM. I’m excited too that my father and brother will be joining me this year. Today I helped Brian set up his company‘s booth, then we took the BART …

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APIs drive innovation

Facebook launched an API just 72 hours ago and there are already 944 registered developers, 117 discussion threads, hundreds of blog posts, and at least a couple of mashups: Facebook+Google Maps and Facebook+Bill Splitting. I’m constantly amazed at how opening an APi to your web app drives traffic, buzz, and innovation. UPDATE: See #5 on …

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PHP 5 and Beyond

I enjoy developing in PHP 5, for its improved object oriented design and XML support. PHP 6 is slated to have additional useful improvements like built-in Unicode, built-in caching, and increased security out of the box (no register_globals, magic_quotes, or safe_mode). Here are other improvements I’d like to see in a future version of PHP: …

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