John Taber on frameworks

John Taber, traffic engineer and PHP developer, has a great post comparing the various MVC frameworks available for PHP, as well as Ruby on Rails. We really don’t care what the language is or what the plumbing looks like, just so long as we can get the program to do what we want, is super […]

Jon Udell on technology in education

I recently listened to Jon Udell’s interview with CJ Rayhill, CIO of O’Reilly. They talked about O’Reilly’s Safari U project which allows college professors to compile chapters from various books into a custom book for their own classes, available in print and online. I’ve written before about what I wanted in a college textbook. I […]

Password protecting MediaWiki with mod_auth_mysql

MediaWiki is the powerful software on which Wikipedia and many other sites are built. It does not, however, come with the option to password protect pages from being viewed. (It can password protect pages from being edited.) If you need to setup a private, members-only wiki for internal use, here is how you can do […]